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In Other Skies
In Other Skies

In Other Skies



“A self taught artist working from a small studio in Worcestershire, I currently work in oil with cold wax on aluminium panel but some oil sketches on paper are also available. Inspired by the worked land and the skies here in Britain, these have made us who we are and are intensely emotional, powerful voices that are part of our very soul.

I have travelled to the farthest tip of west Wales, to the Pembrokeshire coast, over many ten’s of years. When young, for pleasure and holidays, and when older to make visits which slowly turned to duty as the years passed and my parents, who had moved there, became frail. Those journeys were first full of excitement but over time gradually turned to anxious, frequent drives never quite knowing what to expect when I arrived. The skies constant, yet ever-changing and the land responding to the cast light.

Now I have a little mental, as well as physical, distance from the journey and It still feeds my soul and I find those feelings come wherever and whenever I am in such landscapes. That sense of might, that our little piece of the world surrounds us. This is what I try to capture.

 We have split our country into areas of outstanding beauty, of parishes, of municipal responsibility, yet these lands are as one and that’s how I see them. 

I don’t tell the viewer where they are, it is for them to feel that place and find it in their heart.” - Zoe Taylor