Welcome to Gallery at Home, a new contemporary art gallery in a little town called Usk, Monmouthshire.

My gallery, a converted cow shed, sits in the shadow of a magnificent windmill, with views of green fields and Welsh mountains.

Home is filled with things I love, things that I find useful and/or beautiful, emotive and/or resonant. Showing the work of artists I admired seemed like a natural process, living with that art alongside my daily life, a joy. I’ve created an interior space that is kind to me, the light, the calm and the peace.

Gallery at Home recreates that sense of home, with artworks sitting comfortably on the walls alongside candlelit tables where visitors can sit and enjoy homemade sandwiches, cake, coffee and matcha. Inspiring books and magazines in abundance to read, a cupboard full of interesting curiosities like chawan bowls, little raku fired houses and soy candles to buy.

This is a space to sit still and enjoy looking. I endeavour to remove the elitism of an art space, to communicate generously with everyone that visits. To make artwork accessible to all. To celebrate Art to live by.

‘Curate every aspect of your life, as much as you can. It’s in the things that deeply inspire us that we find ourselves. Surround yourself with truth, and you’ll have built yourself a heaven.’