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Welcome to Gallery at Home, the online setting of a contemporary art gallery situated in a little town called Usk, in Wales. Voted by The Guardian as one of the best rural galleries in the UK within a year of opening, Gallery at Home has gone from strength to strength in its physical space. We're excited to welcome you into our digital haven; our online home which offers the same welcoming ethos that has made our physical gallery space so successful and much loved.

Here, we endeavour to recreate the sense of home, removing the elitism that often comes with contemporary art spaces. Gallery At Home makes artwork accessible to all, we celebrate artists both emerging and established. 

As you take a stroll through our gallery, we hope your eyes will be captivated by the emotive, bold, sublime and sometimes sensual artworks. We believe that art has the power to evoke deep connections, challenge perceptions and transform a house into a home.


Sonia Pang Gallery At Home owner and curator

SONIA PANG - gallery owner and curator

Sonia founded the gallery at her home 12 years ago, fostering an intimate viewing experience from the very beginning, sharing coffee and conversations around the table, running talks and workshops and keeping artists and artworks connected to a domestic living space. It is this model that expanded to a physical dedicated gallery space that has grown in strength. Sonia curates monthly exhibitions and seeks out new and energetic artists to add to the Gallery at Home family. She is an aesthete and a consummate creative, connecting interiors and artworks, art to live by. The ethos being art should be accessible to all, without artifice or pretension. Sonia assists in the curation of purchased artworks within the collectors home. Sonia also runs bookable mentoring sessions with artists based on her art lecturing and gallery experience background.


Katherine Sheers Gallery At Home gallerist


Predominately Katherine is an artist, first and foremost. Her practise is entirely heart-led and this is what brought her to GAH - firm connections with Sonia were made. Katherine has a fantastically well organised brain and is a passionate creative. She is the front line contact between gallery and artist, and remotely organises and provides invaluable support during the curation of each show in the physical gallery, and also in our virtual space. She co-hosts artist gatherings, events and launches and has a strong commitment to the growth of Gallery at Home. Katherine has recently redesigned the entire website to create a wonderful experience for our visitors and a beautiful home for our artists. She is so much more than a Gallerist.