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Coming Together
Coming Together

Coming Together



A sexy little peep show with exciting new works by Katherine Sheers, embracing sexuality and motherhood, with figurative and visceral abstract pieces. Megan Winstone boldly challenging societies stereotypes, dipping into fetish and loudly disrupting taboos with her raw and confrontational photographic art. Irina & Silviu, straddling the two, with beautiful perceptive and intelligent observations in surreal photo collage, juxtaposing the traditional visual narrative with the contemporary.

Katherine Sheers

Katherine Sheers’s artwork arises from experiences which are at once both monumental and intimate. For her, the act of making art is an extemporary and visceral one. In order to access a degree of physical empathy in her work, Sheers often employs sensory processes and rituals in her practice. Movement, touch, scent, music, discomfort and arousal are all utilised as an integral part of creating new work.

Trained at Chelsea College of Art, Sheers originally worked internationally as a lingerie designer. Arising from this background, femininity and feminism are themes which often occur throughout her drawings and paintings. And while she has recently broadened her enquiry to encompass the body and motherhood, the duality of the monumental and intimate, always form the foundation of her artwork.

IIrina & Silviu

Irina & Silviu are a self-taught analog collage and photomontage artist duo based in Cardiff, Wales. Using found images from art and photography books and magazines, the pair forge an ongoing interrogation of reality that revolves around the concept of identity, belonging, the self and the ‘Other.’

Megan Winstone

Megan Winstone is a photographer from the South Wales Valleys, who lives and works in Cardiff.

Working in the space between documentary and editorial photography, Megan Winstone creates stand-out imagery and art films that often follow themes of social activism and feminist theory.

Through responding to contemporary Feminism, Winstone constructs situations that makes the viewer uncomfortable, such as juxtaposing a beauty editorials with menstruation. This forward-thinking makes Winstone’s work notable as it creates conversation, and provokes questions. Other topics featured are upskirting, free the nipple, female masturbation, soliciting dick pics and body dysmorphia.

Being a young, female Welsh photographer is still underrepresented in the industry, so Winstone challenges this with exposing inequality and taking fearless action. Due to the nudity involved in her work, Winstone has received 24-hour bans, threats and image removal from social media websites.

South Wales is a major part of Winstone’s work - collaborating with her home community in Rhondda Cynon Taf, for the fashion editorial ‘Lily of the Valley’, published with It’s Nice That, exploring variations of womanhood in ‘Fenyw’, exhibited widely with Ffotogallery and her forthcoming feature ‘Tipi Valley’ with The Face magazine.

Megan has been listed as a ‘photographer to watch’ by Lens Culture and has appeared in selected features both online and print: LOVE, W magazine, DAZED digital, Vogue Photo, Trip, OUT, Akin and many others. 

Winstone had her first survey exhibition at Gallery at Home, ‘4th Wave’, showing a selection of her most sexual & intimate work.