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Richard Whadcock

Richard Whadcock artist in his studio

As a leading, British atmospheric landscape painter, Richard Whadcock's contemporary paintings capture the light and ever-changing atmospheres that sculpt the South Downs and East Sussex coast.


Using the landscape itself only as a starting point, Richard encourages the momentum of the painting process to take over, organically building its own unique patina and language of marks. Familiar details are expunged by a coastal mist, smudged away by a downpour or bleached out by intense low morning or evening sun. It is these transitions from one state to another that the paintings deal with; a dramatic and amorphous sense of place, rather than a specific capturing of one.


Elements of the great masters that have influenced Whadock have been introduced into his work; echoes of Rembrandt's backgrounds, Turner’s handling of atmosphere and the gestural nature of Cy Twombly combine to make Whadcock’s paintings powerfully evocative and highly collectable.