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Philippa Robbins

Artist Philippa Robbins portrait

Born in London, artist Philippa Robbins studied Modern Languages before moving to Singapore with her husband and young daughters to study painting at LaSalle. In 2000 she returned to the UK to undertake a Fine Arts degree at Cardiff.

"I came to painting through drawing and an early, deep immersion in photography, so that when I started to make paintings I did so with a photographers eye. Although that initial perspective has never left my work; it is how I like to understand my world, I often paint my subjects out of their usual context or in isolation, within a narrow depth of field, which stills them and opens them to scrutiny."

er work has been exhibited widely, nationally and internationally, in both solo and group shows. Her paintings have been shortlisted for the Hunting Prize, The John Moores Painting Prize and the BP Portrait Award as well as winning awards in the RWA Autumn exhibition and Discerning Eye exhibition.