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Lara Voce

Lara Voce artist in her studio

Artist Lara Voce paints still lifes with an abstract quality. She explores everyday objects intuitively from memory, simplifying their forms and building texture through a rich layering of paint. The works are moments in time and speak of relationships between objects, often as a visual metaphor for real-life relationships, ‘Three Bowls’ is equally ‘Three People’, ‘A Mother and her Children’.

There is a luminosity to the painted surface, achieved through the sanding back and reapplication of paint. This process leaves hints of the surface below and ghosts of previous compositions. Her palette of muted, almost dirty colours, sing together harmoniously.

Lara Voce studied as a Scientist at Warwick University. However, her upbringing in a house of creatives pulled her towards the creative world; until recently Lara worked as a Senior Interior Designer at Aston Martin. She lives and works between the Warwickshire countryside and the Dorset coast.