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Katherine Sheers

Katherine Sheers artist in her studio

Artist Katherine Sheers regards physicality as a gateway into an intimate view of our existence. As such, the discipline of life drawing both underpins her abstract work and exists in its own right.

Rendering another human being in their most vulnerable state anchors Sheers into an awareness of her own bodily sensations and responses. It's from this union of anatomical observation and somatic experience that she conjures a sensual and choreographed language of marks which speak of human interaction and connection.

Having spent her early career working as a lingerie designer, the body, in particular the female body, was a necessary preoccupation during that time. Now, as an artist, mother of daughters and breast cancer survivor, it is the body which continues to hold her gaze.

Trained at Chelsea College of Art, Katherine lived and worked internationally before making her home on the side of a Welsh mountain.