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Clare Walters

Clare Walters ceramics in her studio

At the core of ceramicist Clare Walters' work is the celebration of raw materials and the way in which they transform and interact on each other. It is this effect; the behaviour of one material when exposed or joined to another, that she is constantly excited by. The inside of a kiln is the perfect environment for something unexpected and if lucky, beautiful, to occur.


Clare feels her role as an artist is to assist but not completely control the creative process. When making a piece of work she feels it is necessary to be in a present state of mind to be able to find the balance between what the clay wants to be and her idea of what it should be. Every piece of work reflects that conversation.


“It’s what we find ourselves doing not our ideas of what we should be doing, that makes us who we are; unintentionally or not, creative acts are biographical.”


Clare Walters trained in Fine Art at Cardiff University and was tutored by the renowned artist Cornelia Parker before graduating in Sculpture.