solo show

Opens May 4th - May 26

 Suzie Larke is a visual artist and photographer from Cardiff. After graduating with a degree in photography from Falmouth College of Arts in 2002, she's gained over 15 years' experience as a photographer. She lived in Spain for 10 years, and has worked as a commercial photographer internationally. Her fine art photography has been exhibited in Wales, England and Switzerland. Her project 'In the Mind's Eye' uses conceptual photography to depict her lived experience of depression and anxiety. Her interest lies in making images that challenge our notion of reality, exploring the interplay between the possible and impossible. She uses constructed imagery, digitally stitching photographs together in such a way that they present as a single, untampered image. By using ‘magical realism’ to transform photographs that take the everyday and skew it, she creates images that interpret the subjective experience of mental health difficulties.

Suzie will be giving a talk around photography art and wellbeing - check events page for dates and details.