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So, I have a table, we were obviously going to sit around it and talk about art. It seemed natural to invite artists to come and talk about their work, to gather inspiration through conversation. Bringing journals, sketchbooks, works in progress, sharing ideas in a generous, creative and safe space. Being an artist can be quite insular so I really appreciate the importance of creative minds coming to together and sharing their process with each other. These sessions are free, just buy a coffee, there is always sandwiches and cake.

All are welcome, please email your interest!

‘Sonia, who runs Gallery At Home is a photographer and Artist herself and knows how important the need for a connection is to her creative peers. She is a curator of people as well as art and twice a month she hosts artist meet-ups at the gallery, and through these, I’ve met some wonderful new friends.  The sense of support is real, and the gallerist/ artist relationship feels truly like a two-way conversation, which is how it should be. Finding new ways to support artists and show work, and encourage art into peoples homes is never more essential than in these times of austerity!’

Maryanne Hawes - Abstract Painter