Artist Gatherings

I have a gallery, it has a table. Of course we were all going to sit around it and chat about artwork, life and creativity. So, with my background as a lecturer in art and design and photography, lets make the sessions more structured and informative. Bring along sketchbooks and workbooks (critical journals), we can work on them together, we will discuss ideas by looking and talking about each others creative process. These generous and comfortable hours feel such a privilege. Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, small ideas grow and are nourished by supportive and constructive conversation. Bring your art materials - though a small selection of basic art materials I keep in the cupboard…just in case!

Every other TUESDAY - STARTING TUESDAY MARCH 19TH 2019 at 11am…. no charge, just buy a coffee or two.

Send me an email to express your interest!

HELLO@GALLERYATHOME.CO.UK or click the little envelope below!